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Naomi Louise Rae MSc - UKCP Reg, SN MBACP  - Counselling & Psychotherapy Clinical Practice Lancaster UK
     Developing Relational Awareness
Relational ConnectednessThe way we communicate with ourselves, others and our environment.

Counselling and Psychotherapy provide effective models for understanding and evaluating :
  • How we react in certain situations
  • The areas of our lives where we want to make changes
  • The level of self acceptance that we have
  • A helpful insight into why we feel the way we do
  • What motivates us
What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Therapy offers you a safe, confidential space where you will be listened to carefully and without judgment. From there it is possible to clarify what the problem or unease is, how it came to be, and to move forward. It is a chance to explore, think about and understand life, so that you can live it well.  
Counselling and psychotherapy are both ‘talking therapies’ that offer people a chance to change how they feel and to live better.
UKCP's training standards/ qualifications seek to ensure that UKCP registrants are competent to practice to the highest standards.
Why do people come?

People may want to see a therapist for all kinds of reasons, often for help with emotional difficulties like loneliness, anxiety, depression and bereavement.

Some people come in the midst of emotional crisis when they feel like they are falling apart and need some help to manage and cope with life.

Others feel stuck in recurring patterns that limit and undermine their capacity to live a fulfilled life. Such patterns may interfere with relationships, success in work and career or with simply feeling fully alive.

Whether it is for self-development or actualising your potential, or whether it is for dealing with confusion, uncertainty and emotional issues or to work through patterns and limitations - in all these situations engaging in therapy can offer support and effective change.
What can Counselling and Psychotherapy offer you?
  • Gaining new perspectives, developing insight and gaining understanding about your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a confidential therapeutic relationship.
  •  Increased capacity for self responsibility and support to be the change you want to see!
  • Provide support during difficult periods in life, such as bereavement, relationship difficulties.
  • Help you sort out your priorities and make clear choices about the future.
  • Support  in facing difficult feelings.
  • A creative approach with an experienced therapist who wishes to relate to you with integrity and respect.
What services do I offer? / Can I help you?
 I have experience of helping individuals, couples and children from all walks of life and with many different needs.
There is no typical client; people come for lots of different reasons, ranging from a desire to develop professionally, to addressing issues of abuse. Listed below are just some of the areas which I can provide confidential support and  a professional therapeutic service.
  • Personal Development
  • Communication
  • Self-Esteem
  • Abuse
  • Attachment & Loss
  • Relationship/Marital Issues
  • Family Dynamics
  • Mothering & Young Children
  • Harassment & Bullying
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Bereavement
  • Dreams, Symbols & Imagery
  • Loss and Change
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Unresolved Anger
  • Relationship problems at work and at home
  • Assertiveness
  • Feeling down
  • Trauma and abuse 
  • Life events
  • Confidence
  • Life...
I offer confidential support & development in a suitable friendly environment for all clients.
Gestalt Therapy is based on the philosophy of trusting the human potential for a growing relationship with the particular environment. Gestalt principles stem from a core belief that the desired outcome of psychotherapy is achieved through heightened awareness within the therapeutic relationship in conjunction with creative and active experimentation.   
The counselling or psychotherapy relationship is a working partnership between you and your therapist which aims to help you develop the skills and awareness you need to live a more fulfilling life by offering greater insight and understanding of yourself, leading to an enhanced sense of personal choice and empowerment. 
 It is an opportunity to express your feelings, unravel your thoughts, assess past experience and gather what is helpful and learn how to let go of what is not. It cannot remove the external pressures in your life and is not a ‘magic wand’ guaranteed to make you feel better.
Therapy is not about giving advice or telling you what to do.  Therapy can help you increase your understanding of your feelings and reactions to various situations and help you find better strategies for coping with difficulties in everyday life or major life events. 
 To learn more about Gestalt you may wish to visit Gestalt is a German word with no exact equivalent in English and is usually translated as form or shape. Gestalt therapists view each person as having the potential to live satisfying and creative lives. Unfortunately this potential can be held back in the form of old ideas, feelings and habitual behaviour.

The aim of Gestalt therapy is to increase awareness of how we think, feel and act. When we know what we are doing and how we have greater choice about change, growth and healing.

The Gestalt approach is holistic. People are considered as whole, we cannot be understood in isolation from our environment, nor can we be understood by isolating mind from body or soul. All these aspects of our existence are inter-related from a Gestalt perspective.

The relationship between the Gestalt therapist and client is one that is based on authenticity, mutuality and confirmation. Philosophically it is supported by Dialogic Existentialism – we come to know ourselves through meeting another. 
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Statement of Ethics - I attend regular supervision and abide by the code of ethics set by my membership bodies. I aim to provide a high quality service where clients interest and benefits are our focus; together with a commitment to a set of guaranteed service standards which represents best practices, and the use of updated supervised skills as an effective aid to achieving personal growth and development for all in an open ended way to deal with long standing difficulties or within a time limit depending on the nature of your difficulty.  

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